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David Richardson gilgit at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 00:34:43 EST 2005

I'm not objecting to the concept of live search, just the placement ofthe results. I've looked at almost all the themes at rubygarden, andmost of them either bork the live search feature, or just plain lookbad. The Origami theme does it right, by overlaying on top of the(fixed) sidebar content.
I still believe that <div id='results'> should live in the maincontent area and overlay or hide it. This is where people have grownto expect the results. I can't see the advantage of leaving the normalcontent visible while doing any kind of search - it's just adistraction and it's all too easy to miss the results in the sidebarif the list is short or empty.
My objective here is to see if there is a consensus on this and if so,to get a change into release 4. There are a couple of crufty layoutissues that detract from the generally great impression that Typomakes already. The other that comes to mind immediately is the articlecomposition form. The preview area dances around and changes size andthe options and controls which I want are always off screen.
I can, and will fix these things on my own, but they all require minorre-arrangement of the way the page DOM is constructed. I'd prefer tosee changes like these be accepted into the trunk rather than remainpatches. And, I haven't been on the mailing list long enough to knowwhat it takes to get changes accepted.
It would seem that a healthy consensus here is a good start, though. - D.R.
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