[typo] Live search results location

David Richardson gilgit at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 22:52:10 EST 2005

Does anyone other than me find the display of live search results inthe sidebar disconcerting and semantically incorrect?
While I'm searching for something, the results of the query are myprimary focus. I want them to be visually dominant. Currently, theresults are squished into the sidebar. All the while, the sidebar isdancing a jig as the result list changes with each keystroke.Formatting of this block is hard enough in such a small space, withouthaving to deal with craptastic browsers that don't support max-widthand min-width and differing browser treatment of the margin andpadding properties.
To further confuse matters, using a form submit to send the query tothe server displays the results in the main content <div>.
What's the rationale for the current layout?--

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