[typo] Permalink Structure

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Fri Dec 2 10:52:09 EST 2005

On Dec 2, 2005, at 6:39 AM, Jason Bainbridge wrote:

> On 12/1/05, facedown at mac.com <facedown at mac.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, Scott, but you've already lost me. :)
>> If the 'redirects table' is something other than the routes.rb file
>> I've been playing with, could you point me to the right place?
> In the current SVN trunk it looks like there is a new redirects table
> that will allow you to do rewrite rules but there is just no GUI for
> it yet, I'm assuming the redirects would take the same or similar
> format as in routes.rb but I really have no idea.

They're not really very similar.  Read http://scottstuff.net/blog/ 
articles/2005/11/17/a-little-help-for-migrating-to-typo, I explain  
things a bit there (note to self: I *really* need to start building a  
manual for Typo).  The short version is that there's a table in the  
DB called 'redirects' with two fields (well, two that matter) called  
from_path and to_path.  When Typo can't handle a specific URL on its  
own, it looks in the redirects table for help.  So, you can put '100/ 
i_like_cheese.html', '/articles/2005/06/11/i_like_cheese' into  
redirects, and Typo will automatically move users from http:// 
www.myblog.com/100/i_like_cheese.html to http://www.myblog.com/ 

Make sense?


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