[typo] I broke Ajax commenting :(

Marco van Hylckama Vlieg marco at i-marco.nl
Thu Dec 1 12:38:42 EST 2005

Hmmm... nice suggestion... I tried it but it still won't work 
unfortunately. There really isn't any whitespace left now, for example 
on this page:


I'm glad however this really IS a Typo / Firefox problem and not a 
problem with my theme...

I guess I'm out of options though?

- Marco

kellan wrote:
> On 12/1/05, Marco van Hylckama Vlieg <marco at i-marco.nl> wrote:
>> When trying to comment on my site I get the following javascript error:
>> Error: element.style has no properties
>> Source File: http://www.w3-labs.com/javascripts/effects.js
>> Line: 754
> This is caused by Mozilla's intentionally broken implementation of
> lastChild.  At some point some whitespace has slipped into your
> comment list, and now when commentAdded() is run, instead of returning
> the final element in the list (the newly added comment), you're
> getting the whitespace.
> You can try to clean up all the whitespace until it stops happening,
> but a better solution would be for Typo to move away from using the
> lastChild dom selector.
> -kellan
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