[typo] Getting Involved

Patrick Lenz patrick at lenz.sh
Tue Aug 30 15:35:37 EDT 2005

Hi Scott!

Actually, I feel kinda overwhelmed by the amount of Scotts working on  
Typo, but you're welcome to jump aboard as well :)

Basically you've visited the right place to look for features people  
(and us core developers) would like to see implemented: Typo's Trac.

A few rules:

- Tickets are by default assigned to 'tobi', that doesn't necessarily  
mean he's working on all of those

- Tickets that have [PATCH] in their title usually resemble ready-to- 
merge state patches more or less to the current trunk

- Tickets that have [XPATCH] in their title represent work in  
progress patches or patches we're not happy applying just yet, check  
the comments on those to find out what's missing

- Tickets that have neither [PATCH] or [XPATCH] or [THEME] in their  
title are plain feature requests without any code backing yet and  
we're happy to see anyone volunteer for a first step of implementing  

- Tickets that are assigned have an asterisk ('*') next to the  
assignee, which usually means that person is actively working on it.  
If there's no asterisk, responsibility has been assigned, but work  
hasn't actively begun

The best way to get involved is by trying to attack a feature that  
you or anybody else feels is missing from typo. This lets you get  
familiar with the infrastructure, our coding style, and the general  
'way of things'.

Hope this helps.



On 30.08.2005, at 21:09, Scott F. Walter wrote:

> Greetings,
> My name is Scott Walter and I would like to get involved with the  
> Typo project and was wondering whats the best way?  I was thinking  
> of writing my own blog engine because there are some features I  
> would like that Typo doesn't support.  Instead I decided it would  
> be better to get involved with Type and make it the best blogging  
> platform, period.
> Is there anyone I should contact.  I see the list of 4.0 features  
> but don't really know who is working on what or who is assigned to  
> what?
> Thanks in advance, scott.
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