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Scott Hughes (list) shughes_list at globalreset.org
Mon Aug 29 11:36:09 EDT 2005

Ryan Abrams wrote:

>How does feedburner track RSS stats any differently than typo could? Don't 
>they still have the issues of knowing who is actually reading, dealing with 
>counting automated pulls from feedreaders, etc? 
>If feedburner has solved the problem, it may be the way to go (instead of 
>reinventing the wheel). But I don't know that they have.
Feedburner does a really good job of tracking individual reader 
statistics from all the various aggregators.  I get several hundred hits 
from aggregators every day, but Feedburner narrows it down to about 20 
or so unique readers.  I assume there is some fuzzy logic involved, if 
the aggregator is a meta-aggregator and is not reporting how many of 
it's readers are reading the feed...  Though I believe most aggregators 
(Bloglines and Newsgator, for example) transmit the number of readers in 
the request headers.  But why not let Feedburner's staff continue 
working on that problem?

I ended up replacing the Typo Syndicate sidebar with my own static box 
that duplicate's Syndicate's content, except I link to Feedburner.  I 
also had to replace the link in my theme's default.rhtml which let users 
"auto-discover" my feed.  If support for Feedburner were more integrated 
into Typo, it would be a lot easier for new users.

Also, if you're going to build a "total stats" package, Feedburner 
publishes an API for their stats.  So, you can integrate the stats they 
are collecting along with your own web stats.

Scott Hughes

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