[typo] Frustrating Dreamhost/Typo experience

Patrick Lenz patrick at lenz.sh
Sat Aug 27 03:58:11 EDT 2005

On 26.08.2005, at 21:55, Scott Hughes (list) wrote:

> I use lots of plugins...  Delicious, 43 Things, Categories,  
> Archives, and 5 or so static content.  I removed all of the sidebar  
> plugins and I get a slightly different error in production.log.
> NoMethodError (undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass):
>    /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionpack-1.9.1/lib/ 
> action_controller/request.rb:13:in `method'

That's truly weird. That line is as follows:


What it boils down to is probably a proper CGI environment, something  
I've never encountered before. As I didn't follow this thread from  
the beginning, I don't know whether you already mentioned your  
versions of Typo, Rails, your webserver, etc.

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