[typo] TextFilters: Post Processors vs. Macros

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Fri Aug 26 17:27:15 EDT 2005

Ryan Abrams wrote:
> My main question is how Macros and Post Processors differ enough to be
> treated differently... why is there a distinction?

 From Scott's page about filters[1] post-processing filters transform 
valid HTML to valid HTML.  Since tags like <typo> and <amazon> aren't 
valid HTML they don't fit that description.  An earlier post[2] talks a 
little bit about why he made the dinstinctions he did.


> Why can't i disable flickr parsing for one filter type but not another?

 From the second link I gave, "As long as the Typo macro tags fit into a 
clean namespace and they don’t have side-effects when they aren’t used, 
there’s no reason to ever turn them off. If a macro tag filter is 
installed, then it should be used on all articles."

> Why is it ok that the amazon plugin uses an <amazon:ISSN> tag instead
> of <typo:amazon>ISSN</typo:amazon>? What is the concept there?

I haven't used it but the documentation for the amazon filter suggests 
you use the form:

<a href="amazon:ASIN">foo</a>

This is valid HTML (although somewhat nonsensical given the target of 
the HREF) and the post-filter will turn it into other, valid, HTML.

> I think maybe it should be a Macro instead.

FWIW, it sounds to me like you want a macro, too.

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