[typo] Frustrating Dreamhost/Typo experience

Scott Hughes (list) shughes_list at globalreset.org
Thu Aug 25 19:25:32 EDT 2005

Scott Laird wrote:

> On Aug 25, 2005, at 1:11 PM, Scott Hughes (List) wrote:
>> After a while of waiting for it to "fix itself", I end up doing a  
>> "killall -9 dispatch.fcgi;  rake sweep_cache" and wait about 15-20  
>> minutes for it to start working again.  I don't know if that's the  
>> best procedure for reseting it or not...  And I'm really curious as  
>> to why it takes 15-20 minutes to start working again.
> *15 minutes*.  That's really slow--my home system (Athlon 700, so not  
> very fast) is ready to start serving pages within a couple seconds.   
> I'd start by figuring out what's happening here.  Try running  
> dispatch.fcgi by hand and see if it spits out any errors or anything  
> else weird happens.  I don't use dreamhost, so I don't have any  
> concrete suggestions, but this seems really strange.

Thanks for your response.  Oddly enough, I saw a ton of errors when I 
ran "dispatch.fcgi" right after reading your email.  When I switched 
terminals to compose this response, I couldn't get it to display an 
error.  I remember that the error message (which was repeated a lot) had 
something to do with a string conversion on a Nil type, and the bottom 
of the stack referenced line 24 of dispatch.fcgi.

The last time it locked up on me, I tried running dispatch.fcgi from the 
cmd-line (but, honestly, I had no expectation of how well this should 
work) and noticed it generating these same errors for a Nil type, but I 
saw that it was being generated when rendering the content in my 
default.rhtml, specifically when it tried to credit the "EditURI" at the 
top and (after I commented the EditURI out) the validateCSS link at the 
bottom.  After commenting that second link out, I got another error in a 
location other than my default.rhtml, so I didn't track it down anymore.

Also, after generating an error, the process would hang.  I had to use 
Ctrl-C to end it.  I noticed just now that when I ran through without 
errors, it exits normally.  Again, I had no expectation about whether or 
not these processes should be "hanging around" or not...  So, is it a 
problem that I see anywhere from 5-15 processes running at a given 
time?  Keeping in mind that my site is low-volume, so it isn't likely to 
have 15 simultaneous visitors.


Scott Hughes

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