[typo] BlogMap sidebar addition

Christopher Bailey chris at codeintensity.com
Thu Aug 25 18:41:25 EDT 2005

I've made a quick BlogMap sidebar addition in case anyone is interested.
You must of course have geocoding on your blog and have added it to the
feedmap (http://www.feedmap/BlogMap).  You can preview it on my site:

It has configuration options to show the map (what my site shows), and/or
the neighbors/events text only, and/or the Local OPML only (with config
settings for this).

If interesting, I can submit this as a patch or whatever the appropriate
process is for getting it into the main code base.  I do not have a set of
tests for it, so if that's necessary in order to go into the official code
base, let me know and I'll add something.

Chris Bailey
Code Intensity
mailto: chris at codeintensity.com

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