[typo] Help with sidebar content method

Christopher Bailey chris at codeintensity.com
Thu Aug 25 16:17:47 EDT 2005

Ok, my apologies, I've of course now figured this out.  Ugh, sorry for
wasting bandwidth.

On 8/25/05 1:09 PM, "Christopher Bailey" <chris at codeintensity.com> wrote:

> I'm working on a sidebar for BlogMap.  I have the basics working, but can't
> seem to get my content method working, and I'm honestly just not sure what
> the check_cache stuff does, how to properly write that call, etc.  I've got:
>   def content
>     @blogmap=check_cache(Blogmap, @sb_config['city']) rescue nil
>   end
> I've also tried putting "feed" in instead of "city", but the only
> configuration parameters I have are city, state, and country, so I didn't
> think feed would make sense (nor does it fix the problem).
> The result is that in my content.rhtml, @blogmap is not defined, i.e. The
> following is false:
>   <% if @blogmap -%>
> Can someone enlighten me as to how this method should be written, or what
> I'm doing wrong (and what other code you'd need to see to know)?

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