[typo] Frustrating Dreamhost/Typo experience

Brandon Jones mbjones at ou.edu
Thu Aug 25 16:18:40 EDT 2005

I had to update my version of Rails on dreamhost to do the trick, but  
that was the only gotcha for me.  This was back when they first setup  
rails though so I don't know if they have the latest version  
installed on their servers now or not...

On Aug 25, 2005, at 3:11 PM, Scott Hughes ((List)) wrote:

> Hi all...  I'm new to the Typo mailing list and to RubyOnRails
> development  (my agile book is in the mail).  I'm having a bit of an
> annoying experience with Typo on Dreamhost.  I'm running out of SVN
> (from approximately 7 days ago) and I'm getting frequent lockups/
> timeouts.
> I looked through my apache error log and I don't see anything
> particularly illuminating...  Just a few errors where dispatch.fcgi
> returned 0 bytes.  Doesn't give much else for info.  The production
> log looks fine, except for an occasional missing image (which btw, is
> not referenced by my stylesheet or my default.rhtml, so I don't know
> where this image is being requested and how it got lost).  Whenever
> Typo is not responding, a 'ps ax' shows a dozen or so dispatch.fcgi
> processes running (some defunct).
> I've tried running in developer mode, and watching the output, but I
> can't reproduce a timeout condition when doing so.  My blog probably
> gets 10-30 real hits a day, and over 300 hits by robots.  I don't
> know if the robots are what's causing the problem.
> After a while of waiting for it to "fix itself", I end up doing a
> "killall -9 dispatch.fcgi;  rake sweep_cache" and wait about 15-20
> minutes for it to start working again.  I don't know if that's the
> best procedure for reseting it or not...  And I'm really curious as
> to why it takes 15-20 minutes to start working again.
> I looked at the rails troubleshooting tips on the Rails wiki, but
> nothing helped.  Does anyone have any tips (which I could add to the
> wiki) that could help me debug this?  Or is anyone aware of any
> gotchas for Dreamhost installation?  All I did to install was ftp the
> files over (that I had svn'ed to my local Mac), setup my database,
> import my wordpress articles, and point a subdomain at the path to
> Typo (with fcgi enabled).  I had to "chmod +x public/* script/*"...
> And I've modified my own copy of the default theme.  But that's it..
> It's a fairly vanilla installation.
> Thanks for any help.
> Scott Hughes
> http://blog.globalreset.org/
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