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William A. Carrel william.a at carrel.org
Mon Aug 22 00:31:19 EDT 2005

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On Aug 21, 2005, at 8:48 PM, Jeff Casimir wrote:

> William A. Carrel wrote:
>> I imagine you'd achieve this by fitting some magic javascript or   
>> image into the article in the RSS feed.  Really this would track  
>> the  same way as article views and probably could be implemented  
>> fairly  easily (and non-invasively) using the filter framework  
>> that Scott  Laird has been working on.

> That is true.  It seems there are about a dozen ways to implement  
> it.  I would be hesitant to inject JS into the RSS.  I am not an  
> expert on the spec, but I would suspect many RSS readers don't  
> implement JS.  In this case the trigger, it seems, should be server  
> side.  In the controller directly (by adding code) or indirectly  
> (by using a before or after filter) seems the most logical.

My line of reasoning was trying to work around the fact that a lot of  
people view their RSS feeds from intermediate RSS aggregators (such  
as feedster, technorati, et al.).  Without some "phone home" method  
like JavaScript or an image, those views are going to be lost.   
Presumably the JS would live in a segment that was reasonably polite  
for unsupported RSS readers.  Most OS X RSS readers that I've seen  
use WebCore so presumably could support JS with a minimal amount of  
effort.  This doesn't necessarily hold true for other platforms though.

In any case, the RSS feeds are really a part of Typo that benefits  
the most from the on-disk caching.  Those same RSS aggregators can be  
pretty aggressive about their polling and forcing a run through the  
controller for every access is not the best strategy overall.  Having  
those XML feeds cache to disk for lighttpd and Apache has been a  
definite performance win.  I'd hate to see us give that performance  
win up for statistics.

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