[typo] Logs / Statistics

Jeff Casimir jeff at commontext.com
Sun Aug 21 23:48:51 EDT 2005


That is true.  It seems there are about a dozen ways to implement it.  I 
would be hesitant to inject JS into the RSS.  I am not an expert on the 
spec, but I would suspect many RSS readers don't implement JS.  In this 
case the trigger, it seems, should be server side.  In the controller 
directly (by adding code) or indirectly (by using a before or after 
filter) seems the most logical.


William A. Carrel wrote:

> I imagine you'd achieve this by fitting some magic javascript or  
> image into the article in the RSS feed.  Really this would track the  
> same way as article views and probably could be implemented fairly  
> easily (and non-invasively) using the filter framework that Scott  
> Laird has been working on.

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