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William A. Carrel wac+typo at carrel.org
Sun Aug 21 23:22:12 EDT 2005

I imagine you'd achieve this by fitting some magic javascript or  
image into the article in the RSS feed.  Really this would track the  
same way as article views and probably could be implemented fairly  
easily (and non-invasively) using the filter framework that Scott  
Laird has been working on.

On Aug 21, 2005, at 8:08 PM, Jeff Casimir wrote:

> Are you saying that you want to track when users access your RSS  
> feed?  That sounds like an interesting challenge.  I think the  
> tracking would have to come from the controller that renders the  
> XML.  For Typo applications, this would mean adding a method call  
> within the controller if you want to use railstat.  Of course first  
> I'll have to figure out the railstat side of things.  It shouldn't  
> be hard, but I haven't had much dev time in the last week.  I will  
> keep it at the forefront of my to-do list this week.

> Kevin Ballard wrote:
>> RailStat sounds cool, but since it works by having the browser  
>> load a  resource (either JS or image), it seems to me it can't  
>> track RSS  feeds. Do you have any sort of solution for that?
>> On Aug 19, 2005, at 7:01 PM, Jeff Casimir wrote:
>>> I've been working with Luben, the guy who started railstat, to  
>>> make  it...ummm...better.  It needs a lot of work before I would  
>>> call it  ready for widespread deployment.  Since his 0.1 gem  
>>> creation I have  done a lot of work on the code to...
>>> - Support Windows
>>> - Support PostgreSQL (aka anything not-MySQL)
>>> - Support a server running as local host
>>> - Optimizing some of the SQL queries
>>> - Refactoring.  Refactoring. Refactoring.
>>> I took a day off to go to the beach, but I should be back to  
>>> work  on it tonight or tomorrow.  Expect release(s) next week.
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