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Jeff Casimir jeff at commontext.com
Sun Aug 21 23:08:23 EDT 2005


Are you saying that you want to track when users access your RSS feed?  
That sounds like an interesting challenge.  I think the tracking would 
have to come from the controller that renders the XML.  For Typo 
applications, this would mean adding a method call within the controller 
if you want to use railstat.  Of course first I'll have to figure out 
the railstat side of things.  It shouldn't be hard, but I haven't had 
much dev time in the last week.  I will keep it at the forefront of my 
to-do list this week.

Thanks for the idea,

Kevin Ballard wrote:

> RailStat sounds cool, but since it works by having the browser load a  
> resource (either JS or image), it seems to me it can't track RSS  
> feeds. Do you have any sort of solution for that?
> On Aug 19, 2005, at 7:01 PM, Jeff Casimir wrote:
>> I've been working with Luben, the guy who started railstat, to make  
>> it...ummm...better.  It needs a lot of work before I would call it  
>> ready for widespread deployment.  Since his 0.1 gem creation I have  
>> done a lot of work on the code to...
>> - Support Windows
>> - Support PostgreSQL (aka anything not-MySQL)
>> - Support a server running as local host
>> - Optimizing some of the SQL queries
>> - Refactoring.  Refactoring. Refactoring.
>> I took a day off to go to the beach, but I should be back to work  on 
>> it tonight or tomorrow.  Expect release(s) next week.
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