[typo] Multiple users

Pratik pratiknaik at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 10:41:15 EDT 2005

> That sounds about right.  Most tables will end up requiring a blog_id
> field, and we'll have to tweak a lot of API calls to figure out which
> blog_id we're using.  Figuring our which blog_id we're using for any
> given page hit will be a pain--we'll have to do some sort of matching
> on the URL.  We can't easily use the left-most domain name component
> because that'll break people's ability to use Typo to create http://
> www.example.com/blog -style blogs with Typo.

Probably, there can be a 'base_url' or 'url_format' parameter in
configuration file to derive that.

> The page cache will need to be totally reworked, too.

I have no clue about caching yet.

> It's a big project.  It's not very high on my list of things to do
> right now, but other developers have expressed an interest, so we'll
> *probably* end up with some multi-blog support in the next major
> release of Typo.

I believe it's better idea for typo multiuser to be an independant
sister project of typo. As multi-user blog doesn't really sound like
typo's main goal. Plus, I think there are many more better things for
lead typo developers to implement.

> Scott

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