[typo] Multiple users

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Wed Aug 17 10:31:21 EDT 2005

On Aug 17, 2005, at 6:41 AM, Pratik wrote:

> There is already an enhancement ticket logged for this at
> http://typo.leetsoft.com/trac/ticket/94
> I was looking for some sort of guideline you can provide me with in
> order to implement multiple blogs ( each user having their blog ). One
> basic thing I can think of is to have a 'blogs' table which would have
> (id, user_id). Also, each category, articles, etc. would need to be
> associated with the blog_id. May be somewhere in beginning of the
> request flow, blog_id can be derived and used in subsequent phases.
> This is the rough idea I have. Any details at implementation level
> would be awesome.

That sounds about right.  Most tables will end up requiring a blog_id  
field, and we'll have to tweak a lot of API calls to figure out which  
blog_id we're using.  Figuring our which blog_id we're using for any  
given page hit will be a pain--we'll have to do some sort of matching  
on the URL.  We can't easily use the left-most domain name component  
because that'll break people's ability to use Typo to create http:// 
www.example.com/blog -style blogs with Typo.

The page cache will need to be totally reworked, too.

It's a big project.  It's not very high on my list of things to do  
right now, but other developers have expressed an interest, so we'll  
*probably* end up with some multi-blog support in the next major  
release of Typo.


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