[typo] [SOLVED] FastCgiServer - User/Group definitions (was Re: Running in production mode on FastCGI)

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Tue Aug 16 22:32:43 EDT 2005

Quoting Trejkaz <trejkaz at trypticon.org>:
> Ignoring that the FastCGI developers can't spell "precede" properly, my
> User/Group definitions actually *do* precede my FastCGI server definitions.
> In fact, my User/Group definitions are included extremely early on from
> apache2.conf, whereas the vhosts are all included *after* all other includes.
> I've tried adding the User and Group lines in a second time right before the
> same line, but the same error message comes up.

Figured it out.

The FastCgiIpcDir line also has to occur after the User/Group lines, but the
error message didn't say the right thing.  Will be mentioning this to the
FastCGI list in a second.


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