[typo] pings and trackbacks

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Tue Aug 16 10:09:32 EDT 2005

On Aug 16, 2005, at 3:33 AM, Ian Holsman wrote:
> I've been playing with ruby a tiny bit, and have got a
> command line version of a ping and trackback working... nothing too  
> hard
> I'd love to be able to ping rpc.pingomatic.com on new posts,
> and have a field to enter trackbacks.
> how do I get this integrated into typo?

Create a new bug in Trac, mark it as an enhancement, attach a patch,  
and make sure that the subject line starts with [PATCH].  We're  
currently being really cautious about what we add to Typo, just in  
case we need to make a 2.5.5, but most likely we'll kick into full  
gear on the next version of Typo later this week.


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