[typo] typo 2.5.3 on Dreamhost

K-Lai oneapproved at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 23:10:38 EDT 2005

Thanks for your help!  It ended up being a permissions issue - I think
that the log files didn't have write permissions associated with them.

> I just installed Typo 2.5.3 on Dreamhost a couple of days ago, and
> here are the basic steps I did :
> 1. Create your subdomain, e.g. blog.example.com, in the domain
> settings, specify the path to the "public" directory of your Typo
> 2.5.3 installation. Enable FastCGI in the domain settings.
> 2. Be sure to have the correct settings in database.yml
> 3. Be sure to have your public dir and contents chmoded to 755.
> 4. Set RAILS_ENV = 'production' instead of the default "RAILS_ENV =
> ..." line in the config/environment.rb file

You also need to make sure the .htaccess file in your public directory
is configured rewrite to dispatch.fcgi. (This just means look for the
spot which says "dispatch.cgi" and replace it with "dispatch.fcgi".
This also assumes you've turned on FastCGI on your Dreamhost Panel.)

...Actuallly, I *think* that when I unpacked my Typo install into DH,
there was no .htaccess file, and I probably copied it over from
another Rails installation.

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