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Ryan Abrams ryanabrams at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 11:48:07 EDT 2005


I have reverted to a working install of the latest trunk. I already  
made one change (hacked del.icio.us to show descriptions also - using  
the del.icio.us aggregator and the content in the sidebar plugin) -  
The patch doesn't touch those files, so I don't intend to revert them  
to trunk. In fact, I think i'll make a patch and offer it (if i can  
figure out how to do that). If you think i should revert them anyway,  
let me know, and I will.

In any case, I'll apply the patch later today and let you know how it  
goes. I just need to back everything up first.


On Aug 13, 2005, at 10:25 AM, Scott Laird wrote:

> On Aug 13, 2005, at 6:50 AM, Ryan Abrams wrote:
>> Hmm..
>> I pulled the latest trunk, and applied the patch for tags,  
>> following your instructions from earlier. I'm finding some weirdness.
>> I see the "tags" sidebar and the keywords field. It is saving  
>> keywords with the articles as i enter them. But having created two  
>> test articles with several tags each, I still have an empty  
>> articles_tags and tags tables. As such, the cloud doesn't show up.
>> Any ideas?
>> I also don't have the "tags: " in my article template (but i may  
>> need to manually add that)
> The code that displays the entire tags/categories/comments/ 
> trackbacks line is in article_helper, not views/.  I just updated  
> the tags patch to 2.5.3; that might help you a bit.
> I just ran a quick sanity-check, and editing the keywords field in  
> the article editing page absolutely adds new tags to the article  
> itself.  Can you try applying the new patch and giving things  
> another go?
> Scott
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