[typo] typo 2.5.3 on Dreamhost

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Sat Aug 13 11:38:08 EDT 2005

On Aug 12, 2005, at 10:34 PM, K-Lai wrote:

> I followed the same steps to install Typo 2.5.3 on Dreamhost.
> Something is still acting up, because I get an "Application Error
> Typo could not be reached" when I try to leave a comment on any of the
> posts on my blog.
> When I ran 'tail -f log/production.log' on SSH, I didn't see any
> errors.  I got to the following message:
> Processing ContentController#index (for at Thu Aug 11
> 21:38:12 PDT 2005)
>   Parameters: {"action"=>"index", "controller"=>"admin/content"}
> Rendering  within layouts/administration
> Rendering admin/content/list (200 OK)
> Completed in 0.43355 (2 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.35420 (81%) | DB:  
> 0.01566 (3%)
> [http://www.domain.com/admin/content]

> Do you have any other ideas?  The main page for this typo install
> works just fine - it loads up super fast with the theme set up the way
> I want it and everything.  It just won't let me leave comments (to the
> point of not even letting me see a comment page), and it won't let me
> access the admin page (www.domain.com/admin).

My personal guess is that you did something setting up Apache and  
fastcgi, and it's not running at all.  The index page works because  
it's left in the cache from when you ran ./script/server -e  
production.  Try running 'rake sweep_cache'; that should make it a  
lot easier to see when things are working or not working.  Keep an  
eye on production.log--*EVERY* uncached hit on your Typo site should  
generate an entry on there.  If it doesn't, then Apache (or Lightttp,  
or whatever) isn't actually calling Rails.

Try looking at the Typo troubleshooting page (http:// 
typo.leetsoft.com/trac/wiki/TroubleShooting) and following some of  
the steps.  This should help identify were things are broken.


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