[typo] application error (rails) issue, also, lighttpd vs apache

Kyle Cooney kyle.cooney at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 01:37:11 EDT 2005

Hi, all -

I know this application error issue has come up multiple times, at least 
once here on the mailing list, and at least once on the textdrive forums. 
I'm having an issue where the majority of my typo installing seems to be 
running fine(both index page, and complete admin section), but where when I 
attempt to go to individual article pages, there seems to be problem 
accessing it. This is also apparent in the recent articles sidebar that was 
given to me through the list. I running the trunk build 478(about a week 
prior to 2.5.3).

It sounds like it's a routing erroring to me somewhere in the controller, 
but I can't be certain; I'm still new to the whole rails thing. Any ideas? 
I've modified the pages slightly so that the default index view includes the 
extended body, so I'm not sure if that's causing a problem(I can't see why 
it would), or if it's something else. At this point, I've somewhat lost 
track of which files Typo utilizes to piece together an archive page, maybe 
that the's the problem.

The second issue I have, and of much less importance(I think!), is that I 
went through the whole configuration process for setting up lighttpd on 
Textdrive, and when I do the curl command to ensure that I'm running on 
Lighttpd, it tells me I'm on Apache(!). Is this just a byproduct of being a 
shared server where the default server is apache? Or did I do something 
wrong? From the looks of the wiki documentation, I've done something wrong.


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