[typo] typo 2.5.3 on Dreamhost

Kris Kaido typouser at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 03:37:17 EDT 2005

I just installed Typo 2.5.3 on Dreamhost a couple of days ago, and
here are the basic steps I did :

1. Create your subdomain, e.g. blog.example.com, in the domain
settings, specify the path to the "public" directory of your Typo
2.5.3 installation. Enable FastCGI in the domain settings.
2. Be sure to have the correct settings in database.yml
3. Be sure to have your public dir and contents chmoded to 755.
4. Set RAILS_ENV = 'production' instead of the default "RAILS_ENV =
..." line in the config/environment.rb file

Everything should run fine. I had problems with 2.5.2 (as you may see
here before) but 2.5.3 just run fine for me on DH.

To be sure :
1. connect on DH through ssh
2. start a  'tail -f log/production.log' (production.log is created as
soon as you first visit your rails app in production mode) and look
for errors
3. visit your site
4. on DH host, do a 'ps axf' to see if you have dispatch.fcgi processes running

On 8/12/05, K-Lai <oneapproved at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed Typo 2.5.3 on a Dreamhost-hosted web domain.  I got
> everything working on WEBrick, but only the home page seems to work
> from my web browser.  If I want to access the admin panel, I need to
> start the WEBrick server on the remote server (script/server -e
> production).  I've found that posting comments only works when I'm
> running it from WEBrick too.
> I'm fairly new to all of this web-development stuff, so if anyone
> could help me figure this stuff out (as well as what error messages to
> find) that would be awesome!  I don't even know what messages I need
> to find to help you all diagnose the problem.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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