[typo] 2.5.3 RSS behind a proxy

Dick Davies rasputnik at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 09:30:44 EDT 2005

I've just jumped to 2.5.3 on TextDrive (apache -> lighty proxy) and found that 
the RSS feed links are pointing to the 'proxied' url i.e.

 links in RSS feeds on http://number9.hellooperator.net point to

This isn't a showstopper as Textdrive don't appear to filter odd
ports, though I guess it would bite anyone with a firewall, or who's
proxying to an internal lighttpd instance on a private LAN.

Fix I was given on IRC was to patch application.rb

--- typo/trunk/app/controllers/application.rb   (revision 195)
+++ typo/trunk/app/controllers/application.rb   (revision 196)
@@ -9,5 +9,10 @@
   def cache
     $cache ||= SimpleCache.new 1.hour
+  # set  the right host for rss etc.
+  def default_url_options(options)
+    { :host => '9.hellooperator.net'}
+  end

which I suspect will be fine. 
Would anyone object if I made it an option - 'hostname' or something?

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