[typo] Deploying Typo in sub-directory

Kelan Champagne kelan at mac.com
Wed Aug 10 23:49:23 EDT 2005

I am trying to get typo working in a sub-directory of my webserver.  I 
had version 2.0.6 running like this, under apache and fast-cgi, by 
having the following in my httpd.conf:

> Alias /blog /Library/WebServer/typo/public
> <Directory "/Library/WebServer/typo/public">
>         Options ExecCGI FollowSymlinks
>         AllowOverride All
> </Directory>

and (for fast cgi)

> FastCgiServer /Library/WebServer/typo/public/dispatch.fcgi 
> -initial-env RAILS_ENV=production

Now, when I upgraded to 2.5, tings broke.  I have since gotten the 
newest source from svn (rev 519) and started a fresh database.  
Everything works under WEBrick,  but there are problems under apache.  
First of all, on the main page I get the html, but not the style sheet. 
  I changed the page source (a neat feature of SafariStand 
(http://hetima.com/safari/stand-e.html), btw) from:

>   <link href="/stylesheets/theme/azure.css" media="screen" 
> rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />
>   <link href="/stylesheets/theme/local.css" media="screen" 
> rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />

to (deleting the leading slash):

>   <link href="stylesheets/theme/azure.css" media="screen" 
> rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />
>   <link href="stylesheets/theme/local.css" media="screen" 
> rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />

and it works.

So, is this something I have to customize in my local copy of typo, or 
is this a change that can be made in the main version?

Another thing is that if i try to go to /blog/admin it redirects me to 
/blog/accounts/login and gives me an "Application error (Rails)".  But 
the blog is already all set up (via WEBrick), so something werid is 
going on here, and I'm assuming it has to do with being installed in a 
sub-dir.  In fact, this happens with any sub-page.  First of all, for 
example, the link to an article has the leading slash (so it goes to 
/articles/2005/etc instead of /blog/articles/2005/etc).  And then when 
i put in the correct url, it gives me the "Application error (Rails)" 

A minor issue (and one that his more likely my fault) is that going to 
/blog (without the trailing slash) gets a "Bad Request" response.  This 
might be a problem with my aliasing, but it might be related.

Obviously a lot changed in typo from v2.0 to v2.5, so, did that make my 
way of installing in the sub-dir incorrect?  Is there something I can 
do to fix it, or is it a bug?

I am running typo on OS X Server v10.3.9, with the most recent version 
of rails.


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