[typo] pages in Typo

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Wed Aug 10 18:17:30 EDT 2005

On Aug 10, 2005, at 3:05 PM, Hammed Malik wrote:
> Is there no way to get a list of links to all pages in Typo?  
> Creating an 'item' for the sidebar seems simple enough so I'll go  
> ahead and create my own if there isn't something I'm overlooking.

There isn't a list of pages easily available, except via the admin  
interface.  This wasn't *completely* unintentional--I was thinking  
that users may have information on some of the pages that they didn't  
want exactly hidden, but didn't want 100% public, either.  That's  
probably a stupid way to do things, though, and a "all pages" or  
"recent pages" sidebar wouldn't be a bad way to get at pages.  At  
least that way it'd be optional.

> Also, it seems that the search only works for article content and  
> doesn't look at the content for pages. Is this intentional?

Ran out of time.  I started to do it once, but that was before pages  
had titles and there was no way to do it without it being hideously  
ugly.  Now that we've added page titles, this shouldn't be as bad.   
Feel free to submit a patch :-)

> I'm thinking of using Typo as an administrative tool for simple  
> websites and I was thinking of creating a 'menu' using a list of  
> pages. Can someone explain how pages are meant to be used in typo?

The original goal was for things like "about the author" pages and  
other relatively static content.  Don't let that limit your usage,  
though.  Just don't ask for comments on pages :-).


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