[typo] Simple Workflow + Latest Posts

Kyle Cooney kyle.cooney at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 16:08:00 EDT 2005

Hi, all -

I'm working out some kinks on my site, still very rough technically, but I'm 
wondering if anyone has built modules/custom additions to typo that they'd 
be willing to share. Specically, I'm looking for the following:

- Ability to save messages in draft form and come back to publish them 
later. Better if anyone has built a module to allow for autopublishing on a 
specific date.

- Second, and perhaps more importantly, I'm using a layout on my site that 
only shows one post at a time. In addition to linking to an archives 
section, I'm looking for a sidebar module that will show the last X(5-10) 
number of posts on the site.

That's about it. Thanks!

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