[typo] Sidebar Components access to Route params and Various other topics

Charles Comstock dgtized at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 16:19:37 EDT 2005

Is there a way to access the route params from @params from within the
sidebar components?

I'm trying to write a calendar sidebar, however @params["year"] and
@params["month"] are never passed onto the subcomponents of the
sidebar.  Is there a way to access these variables that anyone is
aware of?  Also why is it that the link_to and url_for commands don't
work in the components?  Also is there a nice way to gets helpers for
a component?  Or should those just go in another class in the
component controller class file.

Also I know it's all peachy cool and whatnot to drag and drop
components onto the sidebar and set up the orderings there, however
doing a query on the list of components really seems to clog up the
logging with a lot of queries.  Maybe it would make more sense to
write out a new sidebar file everytime the sidebar list is updated on
the admin end.  If it doesn't exist then create it, that way we
minimize the db queries.  Obviously on production the content caching
should eliminate some of this, but it would make the development log
alot easier to read, not to mention the issues if any of the
components have dynamic content.

Charles Comstock

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