[typo] Document markup freeze for article?

Justin Palmer typo at isolated-designs.net
Sat Apr 30 15:47:05 EDT 2005

 Hi Gilles,
   I had a long answer to your question typed out, but after speaking 
with the other developers I believe we've found a solution to this problem.
   Currently the primary layout file dictates the look and feel of your 
site (articles.rhtml) , this file is sprinkled with partials that 
contain basic markup
   to support whatever they contain.  By creating a new 
myarticles.rhtml, etc you can easily change the look of your site and 
you can also svn up without
   breaking anything.

  This hasn't been implemented yet, but be aware that it is being 
discussed and we are working on this!


Gilles Cherix wrote:

> Hi all,
> Congratulations for the latest release (and the new design), it's 
> everyday more fun to use Ruby  on Rails and Typo!
> I love the new design of Typo, but I would like to keep my 
> personalized one... and I'm probably not the only one. Unfortunately 
> the new release break the html markup in articles.rhtml. That's okay 
> if it happens once but it can be annoying if every release breaks our CSS.
> Moreover at a certain point in future it'll be nice to have a sort of 
> a theme engine for Typo. With CSS it will be quite easy to add new 
> designs using alternative style sheets. We just need to be careful 
> when designing the markup in the styled documents. So my question is 
> the following: is there any discussion about the inside of 
> articles.rhtml should be or is the markup just an adhoc derivation in 
> order to support the azure design?
> I'm at the moment digging into CSS/(X)HTML so I'd be glad to take care 
> of this part of the work, although it would be nice if someone with an 
> another point of view would argue with me so that I'm not the only one 
> to take decisions.
> What do you think?
> gilles
> --
> "Design" is like a religion - too much of it makes you inflexible and 
> unpopular.  -- Linus Torvalds
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