[typo] How to add custom code & layout

Victor Jalencas victor-typo at carotena.net
Thu Apr 28 04:04:19 EDT 2005


  I have a question regarding the customization of my blog. I'd like to 
keep current with the latest developments of typo, but don't want to be 
reediting the code to apply my modifications every time I synchronize 
with SVN head.

  These customizations would include my own layout and stylesheet -once 
I get to modifying them- but mostly my own tiny bits of code -like the 
one that fetches the favicon of the commenters and puts it next to their 
comments (you can see this working in my blog at victor.carotena.net/weblog)

  Is there a supported way, or better an API, that I haven't noticed to 
implement plugins like that? My modifications certainly don't interest 
most users, that's why I ain't submitting them as patches, but perhaps 
would be useful to a handful if they were optional.


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