[typo] Regarding 2.5 and podcasting

Sean Treadway seant at superchannel.org
Wed Apr 27 06:20:08 EDT 2005


I'm leading the development of the Upload Progress code after  
implementing the backend, reimplementing the Ajax helpers,  
integrating it tightly into ActionPack and documenting the API.  DHH  
says that the patch should be coming into the rails trunk when it  
stabilizes.  What better way to stabilize than to test in different  

For the uploading, I suggest that you go ahead with the podcasting  
branch and start with the basic form uploading.  The upload progress  
patch should mature at about the same rate.  One of the goals of the  
progress is that it should be very easy to convert a traditional  
multipart form to a form with upload progress so integration should  
be smooth.  http://sean.treadway.info/files/howto-upload-progress.mov

Also, talking with the guys over at Odeo could shed some light on  
what technologies are available, adopted and user friendly.  Maybe it  
can be done backwards where the podcast uploads go to Odeo and an  
Odeo aggregator can be added to Typo... ?

Willing to help in any way,

On Apr 27, 2005, at 5:56 AM, Tobias Luetke wrote:

> Hey.
> One of the features I would really like for the 2.5 release of typo is
> podcasting.
> The idea is that when you post a article from the desktop client with
> a link to an mp3 typo should add the envelop header to the RSS. The
> admin interface could use the really cool file upload stuff madrobby
> has been working on.
> Unfortunately atom doesn't support podcasts at all. I'm starting to
> think that the atom support could be phased out. I recently learned
> that atom was basically created because random guy a didn't like
> random guy b.
> What are your thoughts? How can we make typo the best podcasting  
> blog available?
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