[typo] Flickr aggregator not working in 2.0?

Patrick Lenz patrick at lenz.sh
Tue Apr 26 17:34:51 EDT 2005

On 26.04.2005, at 23:23, boris wrote:

> I'm trying to get the flicker aggregation working. In the file  
> view/layouts/articles.rhtml i've removed the # sign an inserted my  
> flicker url. In the previous release (1.x) this worked instantly, but  
> now it will not display images.

The aggregation is working fine on my blog. Are you sure you pass the  
RSS URL to the aggregator and not the web URL? A sample URL would be:

id=37581743 at N00&format=rss_200

If you indeed have the right URL, you might want to comment out the  
"rescue" statement on line 14 of typo/app/helpers/application_helper.rb  
and try again which will reveal any code errors we might have  
erroneously stuck into the 2.0 release.


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