[typo] Bug in 2.0? (Showing unpublished posts)

Ioan Bizau jr. ib at sdf-eu.org
Sun Apr 24 06:32:00 EDT 2005

Starting with the 2.0 release Typo also displays the unpublished posts
on the frontpage. Is this a bug or a feature?
I use unpublished posts instead of static pages - they are not displayed
by default, but I can link to them.

Changing this line (in the article controller - index action)

@articles = Article.find(:all,  :condition => 'published!=0',  :order =>
'articles.created_at DESC', :limit => 10, :offset => @pages.current.offset)


@articles = Article.find_all('published !=0', 'created_at DESC',

which comes from an older version I was using solves the problem.

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