[typo] Using mtsend.py with Typo

Tobias Luetke tobias.luetke at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 21:43:46 EDT 2005

The articles are posted but not published. That is because a certian
method wasn't implemented in this version of typo.

The bug is fixed in the next release ( that and a million other things
). In the meantime you can just post using the metaweblog api

On Apr 10, 2005 9:33 PM, Richard Tibbetts <tibbetts at mit.edu> wrote:
> I'm trying to use mtsend with typo 1.6.8. It seems to be
> "half-posting" articles. The articles don't show up on the front page,
> but they do show up when I try to get at them with mtsend -L, or when
> I go to URLs like articles/read/4 using the id.
> I see on the wiki that mtsend is known to work with Typo. I've never
> used mtsend before, so there is every possibility I'm using it wrong.
> Does anyone have advice on tricks for using it with Typo? Or is it
> likely that I've tripped over a bug Typo?
> Richard
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