[typo] Typo Install problems

Seth Hall seth at remor.com
Wed Apr 6 10:23:32 EDT 2005

I suppose we probably should add utf8 as the content type.  We should 
probably update the database definitions too then so that the databases 
will store utf8.


On Apr 6, 2005, at 10:11 AM, Tobias Luetke wrote:

> Hmm i tested all the ajax stuff with IE when i had a chance.
> Not that its a priority as 1.9% of my visitors use it... ( i kid you 
> not )
> I guess we should add UTF-8 content type header to all pages of typo?
> On Apr 6, 2005 9:46 AM, Konrad Riedel <riedel at ibr-oss.de> wrote:
>> Sergio Rael schrieb:
>> So the default content-type of your Apache is used instead. My
>>> AddDefaultCharset in Apache is set to UTF-8 and I don't have a single
>>> problem with that as long as I send the information to Typo (with
>>> sqlite) encoded in UTF-8 as well.
>> I've set it to utf8 and everything is fine, except in IE6 but that's
>> another topic (right block starts after main, dynamic commenting 
>> doesn't
>> work - you have to reload the page).
>> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
>> Konrad Riedel

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