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Tobias Luetke tobias.luetke at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 00:43:57 EST 2005

Hey everyone, 

I managed to create this mailing list without actually subscribing
myself. Now how clever is that?

Anyways typo has gotten some major love the past two days. 
I pulled the config.yml into the database, added ajax based comments,
revamped ajax based live search, closed almost all tickets on the trac
and added beautiful perma links in the /2005/04/04/title-with-dashes

The changes can be seen at blog.leetsoft.com and they life currently
only in subversion trunk.

I'm planning on releasing a new version soon after i figure out how to
properly secure the settings controller.

Keeping to my system of very liberal version bumps I think this
release will be typo 2.0 since there are some backwards incompatible
changes introduced like the dependency on the new settings table.

Anyways, just a small status update

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http://www.hieraki.org   - Open source book authoring
http://blog.leetsoft.com - Technical weblog

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