[Tmail-talk] (no subject)

Maarten Oelering maarten at solovirtuoso.com
Fri Jan 4 09:14:29 EST 2008


I am currently considering using TMail to process inbound emails.  
However I'm missing two features:

One is to retrieve the envelope sender which is often prepended to  
the email using a From header without a colon. RubyMail supports this  
with the mbox_from.

The other is to retrieve the IP address of the sender from the  
Received: header. When I have for example:

Received: from mail.example.com (mail.example.com [])
	by ...
	for ...

then neither TMail::ReceivedHeader#from nor  
TMail::ReceivedHeader#body returns the part between brackets.

Is it thinkable that these features will be supported in the future?  
Maybe anyone knows a workaround to get the raw body of a header field?




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