[Tioga-users] tioga 1.4 segmentation fault

Vincent Fourmond vincent.fourmond at 9online.fr
Thu Feb 22 17:04:05 EST 2007

Andreas S wrote:
> I apologize for such slow response. I've tried adding
> #undef PRIVATE
> #define PRIVATE static
> into dvector.c and dtable_intern.h as you suggested. That actually fixed
> the segmentation fault in tc_Dtable.rb test.

  Great !

  OK... That is good news (for you) and bad news (for me). Basically,
the scheme which I had designed for sharing C symbols across ruby
extensions has some flaws in it. I'll have to redesign it somehow... But
I really can't promise it soon, as it will require more skill than I
have accumulated so far ;-)... Sorry. But be sure, I'm already thinking
on it !



Vincent Fourmond, PhD student (not for long anymore)

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