[RPS] Payment Update

pat eyler pat.eyler at gmail.com
Mon May 23 15:34:40 EDT 2005

On 5/23/05, Sean Carley <seanacarley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Present and accounted for.
> 2.  I am still hoping for a volunteer remote mentor.

Maybe we should put together a wiki node for this.  One of the 
real goals for the RPS is to help mentor people -- developing 
better Ruby developers.

Before we hit that step, is anyone up for teaming up with Sean?

> 3.  I am eagerly awaiting more organization.  I would like to help
> with unit testing but I have been waiting to see what some of the
> submitted tests look like as I am unsure how to write some of the
> tests I think we need.

We've got a couple so far.  With Tobias' patch (in a previous 
email), we have some more.  Do these help lay out a template
for you, or are you looking for more information?

> Sean Carley

We are often unable to tell people what they need to know, because
they want to know something else, and would therefore only
misunderstand what we said
- the Raven   (George MacDonald, Lilith)

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