[RPS] Total Ruby Nuby Reporting For Duby... Duty

Chris Boone chris at hypsometry.com
Tue May 3 08:30:50 EDT 2005

Ditto that.

I'm hoping to lurk in the background for a while, absorbing the
cleverness of others. Once I'm feeling a little more confident (-- and
once my schedule's a little freer --), I'll step forward a bit.

Thanks all,

On Mon, 2 May 2005 23:58:37 -0400, "Daniel Nugent" <nugend at gmail.com>
> Hi all, I'm a total Rube Noob, just got through the first 13 chapters
> of Pickaxe v.2 and looking to start honing my skills with this and a
> few personal projects I've got ideas for.  This seems like a great way
> to be of service to the Ruby community as well as an awesome way to
> learn with guys that have been hacking this stuff for a while.
> I've done OO for a while, though I'm looking to start using better
> coding practices (like test first coding and actually using revision
> control seriously) and Ruby what with it's emphasis on clean, small
> code seems like a great place to start doing that.
> I look forward to learning a lot.
> -- 
> -Dan Nugent
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