[Support-mirrors] Direct mirror usage from Gentoo?

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy pclouds at gentoo.org
Sun Mar 30 04:11:37 EDT 2008


I'm a Gentoo developer, one of those who are maintaining Gentoo ruby
packages. I would like to have permission for Gentoo to use rubyforge
mirrors directly instead of getting through /frs/download.php. The
reason is  it would be easier for us to maintain source URIs in form
of mirror://rubyforge/package-name/package-name-plus-version.tar.gz
.../frs/download.php/some-random-numbers/package.tar.gz. For the
latter, we would have to modify source URI for every rubyforge-based
package update, which is quite a burden.

Portage, the software used to install packages for Gentoo, will choose
randomly a mirror, so it won't push pressure to any particular mirror.
Moreover, Gentoo has its own mirror servers to share the load with
upstream. So I don't think it would hurt rubyforge in any way.

Thanks and best regards,

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