[Support-mirrors] Mirroring all files

Tom Copeland tom at infoether.com
Mon Jul 31 21:37:59 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 22:04 -0400, Tom Copeland wrote:
> Hi all -
> Right now the mirroring threshold is set at 200K, so that only files
> larger than that get mirrored.  If we mirrored out all the files, it'd
> only be an additional 100 MB or so of storage space on each mirror (it'd
> go from 3.5GB to 3.6GB) and it seems like it would reduce some
> complexity.  And we're already mirroring out all the gems, regardless of
> size.
> So, would anyone object to just mirroring out all the files regardless
> of size?

Hearing no objections... all files are now being served by mirrors!  

Good times,


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