[Support-mirrors] Interested in running a mirror on dreamhost

Tom Copeland tom at infoether.com
Mon Jan 16 13:38:16 EST 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 13:14 -0500, Gregory Brown wrote:
> On 1/16/06, Dennis Oelkers <dennis at lauschmusik.de> wrote:
> > How would the URLs look like? I guess Tom should be able to judge if
> > your mirror is usable depending on the capabilities of his
> > rewrite-script doing the mirror rotation.
> >
> > If it's all fine, I will send you a public ssh key and set things up.
> I can remap subdirs, so i don't think it should be a problem.  Feel
> free to send the public key and some instructions.

I've updated the mirror doc here:


to reflect the URL patterns that RubyForge wants to see.  It's pretty
much just this for files:


and this for RubyGems:


Dennis, pls let me know when Gregory is all synced up and I'll add him
to the rotation.  

Also, Matthew Bloch of bytemark has offered up another mirror via a
hosted virtual machine - so Dennis, as soon as I get the account set up
there I'll coordinate getting everything sync'd there. 

That'll get us up to 4 mirrors, good times!



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