[Support-mirrors] Do deleted gems automatically get taken out of rotation?

Gregory Brown gregory.t.brown at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 02:50:17 EST 2006

Hmm... I had a funky problem.

I just released a new version of ruport which I had split into two
gems, one that loads dependencies and one that doesn't.

the two were called ruport and ruport-lean

I had a problem on 2 of my 3 test machines in which typing
sudo gem install ruport was grabbing ruport-lean, so it was impossible
to get the ruport package

I deleted ruport-lean, but it still hasn't gone out of rotation.

Do deleted gems go out of rotation and I'm just being impatient?
Or do they need  to be taken out manually.

If so... please remove ruport-lean from the gem servers.


PS.  I am still interested in hosting a mirror, if the admins would
please contact me I will set the gears in motion on my end.

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