[Support-mirrors] New Mirror - ruby.inoack.com

Michael Noack michael at noack.id.au
Sun Dec 10 08:30:43 EST 2006

Hi Dennis/List

I have setup a mirror account at ruby.inoack.com

The settings are (basically) as instructed at:

The virtual hosts are files and gems, e.g.
- http://files.ruby.inoack.com/
- http://gems.ruby.inoack.com/

I have done a simple test to make sure it works. e.g.
rsync -av test.txt rubyforge at ruby.inoack.com::file-mirror/test.txt

I have sent the rsync.secrets file to Dennis.

My PGP Public Key is at http://www.noack.id.au/pgp/michael.asc

If there is anything else I need to do, just let me know.

Michael Noack
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