[Support-mirrors] HTTP 300 error on newer Gems

Dennis Oelkers dennis at lauschmusik.de
Thu Nov 24 05:24:22 EST 2005

Tom Copeland wrote:

>This seems to be happening again, i.e.:
>This Gem was released last night, so it should have been sync'd over by
>now... hm.  Dennis, can you take a look at that script again?
Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Btw, I will contact you with the details of your part of the push
mechanism soon. You will have to
trigger the resync of the mirrors by hitting some url authenticating
yourself using either a certificate
or credentials. I don't know client you would use to do that, so please
tell me what your preferred
way of authentication is.

Kind regards,
    Dennis Oelkers

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