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Dennis Oelkers dennis at lauschmusik.de
Wed Nov 9 14:45:04 EST 2005

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Am 09.11.2005 um 17:28 schrieb Tom Copeland:
> Cool, let's nail this down so's I can put it in the mirroring docs.  I
> _think_ that you need to open up port 873 and allow Dennis' machine to
> push new files to your mirror directory.  So you would need to add  
> a new
> rsync endpoint in /etc/rsyncd.conf.
> Dennis, does that sound right?  Do you know what that entry would look
> like?  I've got plenty of examples of "pull files from me" rsyncd.conf
> entries, but none of "push files to me" entries...

In fact it is quite similar to a read-only entry, you just have to  
add a secrets
file and a list of allowed users. One thing you have to bear in mind  
is, that
the user rsync is running as has to be allowed to read and write to the
directories and files I am supposed to update.

A definition like this should be sufficient:

# this is the head of the config file
uid = rubyforge-owner
gid = rubyforge-owner

# this is the entry for the rubyforge repository
   path = /var/www/rubyforge/htdocs
   auth users = rubyforge
   secrets file = /var/www/rubyforge/etc/rsync.secrets
   hosts allow = rubyforge.lauschmusik.de
   hosts deny = *

where rubyforge-owner is the user/group which owns (or at least has
read/write-access to) the path and /var/www/rubyforge/etc/rsync.secrets
looks like:


One thing you could add is the chroot option for the entry of the  
so that rsyncd chroot()s to the path of it when it is accessed, YMMV  

I hope this helps a bit, if there is need for further support, please  
feel free
to contact me.

Kind regards,
		Dennis Oelkers
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