[Support-mirrors] Switching over to mirroring from Dennis' server

Tom Copeland tom at infoether.com
Wed Nov 9 10:25:34 EST 2005

Hi all -

I think Dennis is all set up with the "master mirror" server as
proposed/discussed here:


So I plan to modify RubyForge's xinetd.conf to only allow rsync
connections from Dennis' machine.  Then I'll remove everyone from the
mirror rotation except for Dennis and Austin, who are (as far as I
know?) the only ones that are set up under the new scheme.

As everyone gets their rsync information to Dennis, he can add them to
his syncing script and let me know.  Then I can readd them to the mirror
rotation to share the load!  I'll keep track of things by adding folks
back to this page:


as they're added back to the rotation.

Questions/comments are welcome,



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